Chemistry quizzes and lists
The Structure of the Atom
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Chemistry quizzes and lists
What best describes a unit of mass that makes up the mass of an atom or molecule
A chart of the elements showing the repeating pattern of their properties is a
A column of the periodic table where elements share similar properties is a
A subatomic particle that has a positive charge and that is found in the nucleus is a
The positively charged dense center of an atom is called a
The number of protons in an atom is the
What subatomic particle has a negative charge
A row in the Periodic Table where single protons are added to each element is a
A weighted average of the atomic masses for the isotopes of an element is
What kind of electrons are involved in forming bonds in the outermost shell
What type of atoms are the same element but have different numbers of neutrons
What is a negatively charged ion
What is the type of energy required to remove an electron from an atom
What is a charged atom called
What is the region of space around the nucleus where an electron is likely to be found called
An atom's ability to attract and hold electrons is called
A positively charged ion is
What is a particle of electromagnetic radiation with no mass with a quantum of energy

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