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Famous Astronomers
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Space quizzes and lists
Which famous astronomer (1473–1543) first proposed a model of the solar system that involved the Earth revolving around the sun
Born in Italy (1564–1642) this famous astronomer discovered the four primary moons of Jupiter
This Italian astronomer (1625–1712) discoverd four moons of Saturn and the holes in Saturn's rings
This Dutch scientist (1629–1695) made the first observations of Saturn's rings and discovered its moon Titan
This British scientist (1656–1742) discovered that comets orbited the sun
This French astronomer (1730–1817) composed a database of 103 astral objects known at the time as "nebulae"
This British astronomer (1738–1822) discovered Uranus and its two brightest moons
This German physicist (1879–1955) introduced the concept of space-time and its distortion by gravity
This American astronomer (1899–1953) determined that the universe was expanding
This British scientist (1942-2018) proposed that, as the universe has a beginning, it will likely also end

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