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Famous Philosophers
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Culture quizzes and lists
A student of Plato in Ancient Greece, he contributed to metaphysics, logic, poetry and linguistics.
Question 1
Born in Germany, he argued that we cannot know what the world is like, only what we think it is like
Question 2
He was Aristotle’s teacher. He started the first institution of higher learning in the Western World
Question 3
A Chinese philosopher who lived around 500 BC, he focused on relationships and how the family was important to society
Question 4
He is famous for saying ”I think, therefore I am”
Question 5
He is famous for the method in which a series of questions are asked to lead the listener to a conclusion
Question 6
This English physician believed that all knowledge comes from our senses
Question 7
A Chinese philosopher who founded Taoism from the 6th century BC
Question 8
A French philosopher who advocated the use of reason over organised religion
Question 9
Born in China around 500 BC, he was a military general and philosopher, famous for writing ”The Art Of War”
Question 10

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