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Spices in Indian Cookery
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A perennial herbal plant which grows seed-bearing flowers similar to fennel
Question 1
The seeds of a large leafy plant that is native to India
Question 2
Native to India, it is harvested much later than its green counterpart
Question 3
This spice is from the inner bark of a tree native to Sri Lanka
Question 4
This spice comes from the flower buds of an evergreen rain-forest tree nativeto Indonesia
Question 5
Also known as cilantro in its fresh form. As seeds they are widely used whole or ground
Question 6
Seeds from a small herbaceous plant belonging to the Apaiceae family
Question 7
Seeds from a perennial herb plant, the bulb can be used as a vegetable
Question 8
Seeds from a plant from the sub-Himalayan plains of India
Question 9
The rhizome (root) of this plant is widely used in all cuisines
Question 10
This plant is native to the tropical evergreen rain forest of Kerala. Its seeds are sometimes called the king of spice
Question 11
Called kesar in Indian, this spice comes from the stigma of the crocus plant
Question 12
This ground root belongs to the ginger family of herbs used for its rich colour and health benefits
Question 13
These essential spice plants are native to Central America, introduced to other countries during the 16th and 17th centuries
Question 14

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