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Egyptian Deities
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Religion quizzes and lists
Which Egyptian Deity was husband of Isis, father of Horus, and God of the Underworld
Question 1
Which Egyptian Deity was ibis-headed and served the Gods as the Supreme Scribe
Question 2
Which Egyptian Deity was the God of the sky and light, and the son of Isis and Osiris
Question 3
Which Egyptian Deity was portrayed with the head of a falcon, and personified the midday Sun
Question 4
Which Egyptian Deity had the head of a jackal, son of Osiris and Nepthys, and God of Embalming
Question 5
Which Egyptian Deity the daughter of Ra, predating creation, keeper of balance and order
Question 6
Which Egyptian Deity had the head of a cow, Goddess of the sky, fertility, love and beauty
Question 7
Which Egyptian Deity was the personification of violence and disorder, and the cause of all disasters
Question 8

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